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Efficient and Safe Use of Steam

For over twenty years, NSC Applied Products Group has used their expertise to educate and train their client base on steam.  This is the first step to the end goal of full steam optimization.  In addition, our staff can analyze (through steam trap surveys and soft audits), diagnose, design and ultimately provide a turnkey and fabricated solution to meet the goal of steam optimization.

Steam Training

Take advantage of one of the few fully functioning steam labs in the Midwest.  NSC Applied Products Group will provide hands on approach to steam with live demos that show how steam components and equipment work.  Many times our instructor can create worrisome conditions that our clients see in their own facility.  See our training calendar to see what’s coming up in the lab.

Steam Trap Surveys

Failed steam traps cost you money.  NSC Applied Products Group can provide a full steam trap survey and detailed report that will estimate replacement costs matched with steam savings.  Many times the ROI on a steam trap survey and replacement is less than two years.

Steam Soft Audits

NSC Applied Products takes a broad brush approach to your steam system to determine:  safety issues, energy savings opportunities, and ultimately, better utilization of your system.  Our audits focus on:

Steam Generation
Steam Distribution and Steam Utilization
Steam Condensate Handling

Project Turnkey and Fabrication

When surveys and audits are completed but work is not commissioned, all effort for energy and money savings is wasted.  That is the driving force for NSC Applied Products Group to provide a turnkey solution based on our analysis of your system.

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